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When To Join SSB Coaching

When To Join SSB Coaching

Candidates are advised to take their coaching as early as possible, and definitely before applying for commission. Those who hope to qualify in UPSC written exam, or candidates whose names have been recommended to the SSB should undergo training at least a month before the call is expected. Candidates, who wait to undergo coaching just before SSB interview or after receiving the call notice, often feel helpless, as many of them miss out on the benefit of coaching because they keep waiting for the call. Sometimes they are called on short notice and are not left with enough time to get the proper coaching.


The Minerva Academy conducts three 10 days SSB Interview coaching terms in a month starting on 1st, 11th and 21st of every month.

A candidate may join the SSB coaching term late or on any day in between and still complete the 10 days- 100 hrs coaching cycle. Yet there will be NO let up or loss in the amount and quality of coaching. However, to avoid such emergencies the candidates are advised to finish their training as early as possible, instead of waiting for the call.