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Sports Culture

Sports Culture

A great emphasis is laid on physical fitness, stamina and endurance in the SSB and then later at IMA, NDA , OTA etc. and all through an officer’s life. Sports instill and promote many qualities in an individual which prove to be beneficial in officer life too.

Students are encouraged to participate in the various sports available on campus during their free time at the Academy. Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Table Tennis are some of the sports played on campus grounds.

The world class grounds and sports facilities are available to every student who enrolls at Minerva Academy and during the evening free time, students can watch or participate in a lively game of volleyball, football etc.

The curriculum at Minerva Academy has been designed to train students to concentrate and focus for long periods of time to prepare them for thorough 5 day long testing at SSB and written exams of up to 6 hrs a day.

Daily classroom sessions and other training sessions take up most of the time and cover the mental aspect of the candidate’s training. But, with the addition of sports during free time, physical aspect of the candidate is also worked upon.

Upon completion of the course at Minerva Academy, a candidate is truly prepared for any kind of mental or physical challenge that may lie ahead with a can do attitude.