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The Academy is ideally located in its own vast 10 Acre campus at Daon, a village located within the periphery of Chandigarh (a Union Territory and joint capital of Punjab and Haryana) and is well connected by rail, road and air with rest of the country.

The Minerva Academy is ideally located and easily accessible. It is only 15 km from Chandigarh Railway Station, 500m away Mohali Inter-State Bus Terminal, 10 km from the Main Bus Stand ISBT Sector 17- Chandigarh and only 17 km from Chandigarh Airport.

We are 50m away from VR Punjab Mall, the biggest mall in Mohali which is a Spacious, multilevel enclosed mall for international 1-stop shopping, dining & entertainment.

How To Reach

For candidates reaching Chandigarh Railway Station or ISBT Sector 43 or Chandigarh Airport, the easiest way to reach the Minerva Academy is to first go to the Main Bus stand, ISBT sector 17, Chandigarh.

Local Bus  Route

 Candidates reaching Chandigarh Railway Station have  to first go to main bus stand ISBT, Sector 17, Chandigarh by Local Bus (Route Nos. 1-C Or 2-C Or 22)  readily available right in front of Chandigarh Railway Station.

 Candidates reaching Bus Stand- ISBT, Sector 43, have to first go to Main bus stand, ISBT-Sector 17, Chandigarh by Local Bus (Route Nos. 24) readily available at ISBT 43.

 Candidates reaching Chandigarh Airport, have to first go to ISBT, Sector 17, Chandigarh, by Local Bus (Route Nos. 13) readily available at Chandigarh Airport Local Bus Stop. AC buses of CTU are also available here.

 The candidates coming from J & K, parts of H.P. and Punjab can disembark the bus en route at Kharar. From Kharar they can either take local bus (Route no. 35) or Auto Rickshaw to reach Daon i.e. दाओं which is 4 Kms from Kharar en route to Chandigarh.

After reaching ISBT-17, Chandigarh, candidates can take Local Bus (Route No. 35) to reach the Minerva Academy at Daon i.e. दाओं. This bus service is scheduled every 15 minutes, daily from 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM, plying between Chandigarh and Kharar. The bus takes approximately 20 minutes to reach Daon. There is a Request bus stop at Daon i.e. दाओं Village for the Minerva Academy (also famous as Daon i.e. दाओं Sahib Gurudwara Road) on the main road (State High way) of the bus route. Candidates should disembark here. Sign boards of the Minerva Academy on both side of road will guide you to us.

Local Bus Fare (Tentative) :

 From Chandigarh Railway Station to Minerva Academy at Daon: Rs 20

 From ISBT-17 to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 15

 From Chandigarh Air Port to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 25

 From Kharar to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 5

Auto-Rickshaw Fare (Tentative) :

 Chandigarh Railway Station to Minerva Academy Daon : Rs 200-Rs 250

 From ISBT-17 to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 150-Rs 200

 Chandigarh Air Port to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 300-Rs 350

 From Kharar to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 10

Radio Cabs/ Taxi Services Fare (Tentative)

Mega Cab (Phone: 0172-4141414) Rs 20 per km

Indus Cab (Phone: 01724646464) Rs 20 per km

 From Chandigarh Railway Station to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 300

 From ISBT-17 to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 200

 From Chandigarh Air Port to Minerva Academy at Daon : Rs 340

The Academy Office is open 24 hours of the day. CANDIDATES CAN COME DIRECTLY TO THE ACADEMY AT ANY TIME.

WARNING: Candidates must NOT stay in any hotel in Chandigarh as they may be cheated and fleeced. Location and route chart explain how to reach Academy by Taxi, Auto-Rickshaw or by Bus. Our office is open 24 hrs. The Academy has NO BRANCHES in Chandigarh or anywhere else. Candidates are warned against touts or commission agents of other interested parties who may try to mislead them by dangling fee concessions or claiming that Minerva Academy is full to capacity and cannot handle any more candidates.