About Us

Welcome To Zariya 365

Zariya 365 gives you a personal manager at the desired place, Who shall perform any task for you. The desired place can be a distant or local one i.e. same city, country or a different one. Such person will connect with you via WhatsApp message, voice or video call as per your convenience. Genuine photos of products, bills & tasks being done on your behalf will be shared to give you a near real experience. Your personal manager will fulfill your requests as per your instructions and walk you through the best available vendors, make suitable recommendations if required, average pricing of products & services etc. ‘Instant Requests’ will be subject to availability of products and services. For best results give us a comfortable time window to act on your requests, you may also pre-book to avoid availability issues. Overseas users are advised to keep in mind the difference in time zones while placing a request. This professional agency between us terminates with each request being fulfilled. We don’t have any tie-ups with any of the vendors, therefore, we give you unbiased opinion.